Rubber Tiles

Currently, the company mostly focuses on the production of rubber flooring and outside area coating surface – rubber tiles that can have different thicknesses, sizes, specifications and colours. These rubber tiles are made of rubber granules and polyurethane binder. Our rubber tiles are resistant to weather changes and cigarette burns. Not only they are gorgeous-looking, they also have great abilities to protect from injuries caused by dangerous falls. Being non-slippery, our rubber tiles create even stronger feel of safety. As a feature of comfort they are great sound-absorbers and have excellent feet comfort. The rubber tiles of Metaloidas are perfect to be used both inside and outside of your premises as they do not lose their features from as cold as -30°C up to +300°C of temperature!
They are pretty simple to install, flexible, have great durability, non-toxic, have decent UV protection for the colour not to fade away easily and they take no residual imprint.
This is the product that is satisfying the needs of all sorts of users who take care not only for themselves, their kids or customers but also for our mother Earth.



Dimensions: 500 × 500 mm; 1000 × 1000 mm
Height: 20 – 80 mm
Weight: 18 – 66 kg / sq. m.
Safe fall height: 0,6 m – 1,8 m
Description: Rubber tiles are produced with flat bottom, which are to be glued to concrete base or with ribbed bottom, to be installed on sand or similar base. The tiles are used in children playgrounds, non-professional sports playgrounds, terraces, sidewalks around pools, in gardens, in gyms – indoors and outdoors. Plastic connection joints are included.


Dimensions: 500 × 500 mm; 1000 × 1000 mm
Height: 40 – 80 mm
Weight: 28 – 66 kg / sq. m.
Description: Rubber tiles with EPDM rubber layer. We can offer a wide range of colors for rubber tiles with EPDM layer. Ribbed bottom must be glued to concrete background or installed on sand based background. Can be used in children playgrounds, terraces, side walks around pools or garden, non professional sports playgrounds, in GYMs indoor and outdoor. Plastic connection joints are included.


Dimensions: 160×200 mm
Height: 43 mm
Description: Suitable only for concrete paving, asphalt or other flat surfaces.
We recommend using on terraces, pitches and surfaces around the houses.


Dimensions: 1000x250x400
Weight: 7,8 kg
Description: The rubber curbs are used on the sides, reinforcing the base so the rubber tiles do not move sideways.